Are you a bookkeeper looking to kick your bookkeeping service offerings up a notch?

 Look no further! The Bookkeeper's Advisory Roadmap course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in these areas and expand your bookkeeping business.

Let me guess…

You lay awake at night stressed about your business. You often feel lonely, frustrated and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done and then you add to it the worry that ChatGPT and other AI is taking over what you've worked so hard for.


But here’s the thing…

you’re not alone!

So many bookkeepers have been exactly where you are, myself included, but
running a bookkeeping business doesn’t have to be this way.


Staying competitive in the ever changing market, workflows and pricing are thorns in many bookkeeping business owner’s side, and it all comes to a head when we hit burnout. But what if you could have…

  • An advantage over your competition (including the AI machines)?

  • Assurance that your service offerings and pricing are right for you and your clients?

  • A¬†strategic plan to help your clients see beyond their numbers to help them grow their business - making them clients for life?

You can have all of those things with

The Bookkeeper’s Advisory Roadmap

A comprehensive course and group coaching program that will give you the tools necessary to grow your bookkeeping business by adding advisory services.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

Thirteen years ago I started my own bookkeeping business after taking over my mom's bookkeeping practice.  It made perfect sense since it's the only business I had ever known.  I learned very quickly that the business model was not going to work for me.  I was charging low rates, had clients that expected the world from me and I was working around the clock - and don't even get me started about tax season!

I always knew there had to be a better way.  I knew this business wasn't going to be sustainable.  Either I was going to go bankrupt or I was going to go insane!  I took a week off from client work and got very clear on my vision for my business and my life.  I mapped out what changes had to be made and I got to work.  

Now my business profits over six figures a year and I work only a few hours a week in the business.  I have the most amazing clients who's business I am genuinely interested in helping and honored to be a part of.

This is exactly why I started coaching other bookkeepers.  I want others in the industry to be able to create a business that allows them to live out their desired life too.


You may be wondering, is my firm ready?

The short answer is - it has to be.  Basic bookkeeping services have become commoditized.  They will continue to decrease in value as more competitors (including AI) emerge and technology improves.  Profitable accounting firms will be adivsory-driven.


From this point, you can move your firm out of only offering commodity services and into the advisory era.

This program will allow you to:


Enhance Your Professional Skills & Credibility

Gain a competitive edge in the bookkeeping industry with analysis and CFO training.

Attract Higher-Paying Clients

Obtain clients who value more advanced financial services.

Stay Ahead of Major Changes

Gain the competitive edge over your competition in the changing field of accounting.

Enhance & Grow

Effectively create marketing strategies to find and keep the clients that are right for your bookkeeping business.

But don’t just take our word for it…


Take it from bookkeepers just like you:

You May Be Wondering...

Are you ready to grow your bookkeeping business beyond the basic compliance work?

Save yourself hours of time researching this on your own. Learn from a professional that’s been in your shoes and now revealing all of her proven methods of success.