Our Vision

Our vision is to assist aspiring and established bookkeepers and their teams through empowerment and support - so we can, together, create a family-first culture within successful organizations.

We are empowering bookkeepers to create efficient businesses, allowing them to live out their desired life.

Our Values

Creating a culture of honesty, timeliness, and integrity.

Always looking to our faith and beliefs when making decisions that support our organization and clients.

Being ethical to our clients, customers, and employees - through transparency and respect.

Putting family first - both for our organization and our clients' needs.

Being authentic in all transactions and interactions.

Meet Stephanie

I knew from an early age that I would be an entrepreneur. After all, both of my parents owned their own business!

My mother, an accountant and business owner, is from whom I gained most of my business wisdom. She had a drive like none other, as my family depended heavily on her business success after the passing of my father. My father passed away when I was 18 years old, and I promised him right before he died that I would help my mother in the business. 

Over the next few years, we actually grew her company to include 10 brick and mortar locations with over 100 employees. I had the privilege to work beside her as General Manager and handled everything  - supply purchase, payroll, the books, tax preparation, HR - you name it. After about 7 years, we learned that bigger definitely wasn’t better and we scaled down after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

In 2010, she decided it was time for her to retire. I took ownership of the firm and rebranded; AccuTaxUSA was formed. My new entrepreneurial journey began as I continued to offer tax, accounting and business consulting services but in a more modern, technical world. I continued to grow the business and my family and in 2011, I gave birth to my last child.

The 9-5 hours, often times longer, away from my little ones was daunting at times and I yearned for time with them...true quality time. I didn’t think it was possible to have the best of both worlds. I sank everything I had into my business, to learn my numbers, to figure out what it took to really succeed. The dream to work from home always kept a spot in the back of my mind, but I never thought it could be a reality.

The pandemic forced me to take a step back from my business and actually dream about what I truly wanted for it. And FINALLY my passion became a reality! I'm able to work from home offering services that truly align with my passion and mission.

I want to support you!

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