Virtual VIP Day with Stephanie

Let’s spend the day together (virtually)!


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It's you + me for an entire day!


It's a day you desperately need to recalibrate your mindset and focus on your business, so you can go after your goals with confidence.

You’ll have the span of an entire afternoon (12pm to 4pm) to consult with me and ask anything. It's your time to identify areas of mindset blocks and move through the overwhelm to start growing your business.

Plus, I will guide you with coaching tools and suggestions to help you make real progress toward your goals.

Basically, it's the best day ever.

What's Included:

Someone Who’s Been There

A coach with over 25 years experience in the bookkeeping & tax industry. I’ve been working with women to help them create the confidence they need to live a life of purpose and joy.

Your Own Personal Confidant

A safe space to share things that you are too nervous to talk about with a friend or family member.


A combo cheerleader and honest BFF for the day that encourages you to dream bigger and live more boldy than you ever have before.

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

Thirteen years ago I started my own bookkeeping business after taking over my mom's bookkeeping practice. It made perfect sense since it's the only business I had ever known. I learned very quickly that the business model was not going to work for me. I was charging low rates, had clients that expected the world from me and I was working around the clock - and don't even get me started about tax season!

I always knew there had to be a better way. I knew this business wasn't going to be sustainable. Either I was going to go bankrupt or I was going to go insane! I took a week off from client work and got very clear on my vision for my business and my life. I mapped out what changes had to be made and I got to work.

Now my business profits over six figures a year and I work only a few hours a week in the business. I have the most amazing clients who's business I am genuinely interested in helping and honored to be a part of.

This is exactly why I started coaching other bookkeepers. I want others in the industry to be able to create a business that allows them to live out their desired life too.

How the Virtual VIP Day Works:


You choose a date for your VIP Day.


You don’t need to free your calendar all day for this. A Virtual VIP Day can be done even if you have an already full schedule.  You'll be face-to-face with me for an hour.

You just need to make sure you have enough time between your day’s activities to ask questions, listen and reply to messages - as well as the mental space to think about how you really want to think and feel and some time to process the deep questions that I’m likely to ask here and there.


You'll be able to select a time for your Zoom face-to-face meeting with me.


Did I mention this is the best day - ever?!



You connect with me on Voxer & Zoom


If you don’t have a Voxer account, you’ll create one - it’s free.

We’ll add each other on Voxer, and you can send me a message in advance to tell me more about what’s holding you back from moving the needle in your bookkeeping business and/or what you would like to concentrate during our day together. This way, we can dive right in when your day starts.


At your scheduled appointment time, we will hop on a Zoom call so that we can chat face-to-face about your business.  We can screen share and work through the roadblocks you're facing.



When your VIP Day arrives, we'll get started at 12PM EDT


Don’t worry - this isn’t an all afternoon chat, and you’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies.

We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the afternoon at a steady, yet relaxed pace. We could finish everything in a condensed amount of time or spread our convo out over the 4 hours.

The best thing about a VIRTUAL VIP DAY is that we have space in between messages to have juicy convos, pull out your planner to evaluate what you really have time and space for in your life, set your big goals and even declutter your brain of the outdated thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from becoming your best, most successful, confident self.

Virtual VIP Days are perfect for you if...

  • A 6-month commitment feels too long, but a thirty minute call feels too short to create the changes in your life you need to make.

  • You love personal development books and podcasts, but never seem to be able to implement what you learn.

  • Want to take control of your time and put an end to feeling overwhelmed, but don't know where/how to start.

  • You become motivated then almost instantly slip into self doubt that stops you from taking action toward your goal.

  • You've been looking for the one on one coaching support you need at a price you can easily afford.


Are you ready for your Virtual VIP Day?

It's the best day ever for only $297!


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